Psychotherapy is longer term work and is appropriate for people who have complex issues or have felt stuck for a long time in patterns that have been problematic for them. Trauma with deep roots will require a client and therapist to form a relationship that feels solid and trusting and this can take time to build.

Some people may feel shame or guilt from the experiences they have had in life, finding it difficult to cope with what they have been left with. It is normal for us as humans to shut down or to disconnect from feelings and emotions to help us cope with trauma and life threatening experiences. This is our body protecting us from the pain that might otherwise stop us from functioning.

Through my experience gained in person centred and psychodynamic therapies, I am able to begin to build a safe space with you and for you. Building safety and a solid foundation is important so that we can then begin to explore events and experiences that have been locked away or hidden.

By starting to process past trauma, you can start to move forward with your life. Many clients come to therapy feeling that they have no control or direction in life, reacting to historic trauma. Psychotherapy can help you to identify unhealthy patterns that you might repeat and can help you to feel and express difficult emotions.

I can help clients to create safety and stability in their body and mind. This helps the therapeutic process during therapy session and helps the client to have some control and tools to work on their day to day sense of security in-between sessions. Part of my philosophy is to empower my clients to build their learning into their everyday life so that they can move towards needing therapy sessions less and less over time.

A commitment and motivation to therapy can help you escape form new and healthy patterns, helping you to move on.