Breathwork (deep process sessions)

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a dynamic and progressively deepening process which allows you to become more conscious. Your energetic and cognitive patterns effect the flow of health and wellbeing for you in life.

Traumatic experiences happen through life in a myriad of ways. The birth process has major implications in how we experience life and therefore exploring your experience is valuable. Your breath pattern is effected detrimentally from parental and societal conditioning, however, conditioning can be reversed through Breathwork. We literally hold trauma in the rhythm and pattern of our breathing. We live how we breathe. A restricted breathing pattern leads us to feeling restricted with life.

How does breathing effect me?

Poor breathing patterns begin to effect our internal structure and can result in pain, discomfort, depression, destructive behaviour to name a few. Breathwork sessions above all are a way for our bodies to reopen areas that have been restricted. Optimal breathing supports the body back to healthier patterns of being. Bringing more breath to the body allows movement and movement naturally brings change.

What level of care will I receive?

Structured Breathwork sessions are powerful and take you deep into your body. Firstly, I have been practicing therapy since 2008 and I am well trained in holding people. Secondly, the depth Breathwork takes you to requires further extensive training.  True depth needs time to be practiced and to be stabilised and so my training was for 3 years. As a result of my extensive training I am well qualified to hold you through the process. My monthly supervision is with Nathalia Westmacott, the founder of First-Breath and practicing Breathwork therapist of over 2 decades.

How will a session run?

A session is 2.5 to 3 hours. Firstly you have a space to talk and breathe into aspects of your life, secondly I hold you through conscious breathing cycle. Thirdly, there is space for you to just be at the end of your breathe because it is a deep process and you need time to integrate. I provide a written summary of each breathe I facilitate you through.

How often are sessions?

Sessions are attended every 2 weeks. This allows time for the wave of one breathe to move through the body. The result of a breathing session is that the body is more open. You become more conscious of what is playing out in your life and this gives you choice. Choice is empowering. Making the unconscious conscious gives you the opportunity to get to some root causes and therefore change is sustainable. 

What are the benefits?

Conscious connected breathing offers a wide range of benefits. You can have blissful experiences. You can access deep seated and long standing trauma from the tissues and cells in the body. The type of Breathwork I am trained in has roots in rebirthing. I offer trauma release techniques and acupressure to help you release what your body is ready to let go of.

Please contact me to begin your Breathwork journey.

Breathwork groups are a good way to be part of a community of like minded people.

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