Counselling can offer you a space to talk about your problems in a confidential and safe environment. Feeling heard and not judged can allow you to be more honest with yourself. This can help you to express thoughts and feelings that can make your problems seem less complicated and more manageable.

Sometimes we just need a little support when something happens in life that is out of the ordinary, or something you are not sure how to deal with.

If you feel that your life is balanced and healthy most of the time, but a recent event has knocked you off balance or contributed to you losing your sense of purpose, you may only need a few sessions to get you back on track.

Many clients find that a small number of counselling sessions can help them find that they have the resources to cope with a situation and move forward with confidence in their own judgement and instincts.

Sometimes an experience such as a bereavement, a redundancy, a breakdown of a relationship or a health issue can trigger unresolved difficulties from an earlier time in our lives. If this resonates with you, then Psychotherapy may be more suitable for you.

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