Ivan Broad Counselling and Breathwork is based in Tean, Stoke on Trent and offers Counselling, Breathwork and EMDR  to help you process whatever might be going on in your life, including recent or historical trauma.


I work have trained in various modalities to make myself adaptable to your needs. I trained as a counsellor initially and my subsequent training in Equine, EMDR and Breathwork give me further methods to help you. I can assess and explore a treatment plan with you during an initial assessment.

EMDR is a specific method for processing trauma. Click here to visit EMDR page.

Breathwork Therapy is a holistic way of working and can bring long lasting changes. A 10 session journey is recommended. Click here to visit Breathwork page.

I work from a comfortable space, offering a confidential service to meet your needs. Whether it is working through a particularly difficult time in your life or wanting to process specific traumatic experiences, I can help.

I work with organisations across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, delivering therapy sessions, Breathwork groups and supervision support. I work with a range of ages, genders and presenting issues and have gathered a huge amount of experience since first qualifying as a therapist in 2008.

I am able to offer a progressive and stepped service. You may start by talking about issues and realise that you need a deeper processing if issues. If this is the case, I can help you through EMDR sessions or the more holistic method of Breathwork Therapy.

Whichever methods we work with, they will always be at your pace and to offer you the best outcomes possible. Processing long standing issues can take time and I ask that you give yourself and the process time to realise the changes you are looking for in your life.

I accept professional or self-referrals.

For a brief confidential discussion regarding my services or your specific needs please call.

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Tel. 07940875722

email info@ivanbroadcounselling.co.uk.