What is Breathwork?

Breathwork should not be confused with meditation or yoga practice. It is sometimes called conscious connected breathing.

Breathwork practice is powerful and remains conscious and focused on the in breath, taking long, deep inhales into the belly through the mouth.

When consciously breathing through the mouth, the breathing pattern stays at a 70% inhale and just a 30% exhale. The breath is continuous, just like a figure of 8, with no breaks in the cycle.

During this pattern of breathing, the bloodstream becomes filled with oxygen. This in turn causes an increase in energy into the body. The result of more energy is that it starts to wake up the energetic systems in the body.

Most people take shallow breaths habitually and fear and anxiety causes patterns of shallow breathing. Breathwork helps people to take deep and slow breaths. This starts to address anxiety and fear held in the body from habitual shallow breathing patterns.

Changing the breathing pattern in the body changes everything. It allows emotions, thought patterns and physical patterns held within the body to begin to open up/shift/change. The old breathing pattern is no longer holding them in place

Many people report having psychological and emotional breakthroughs during Breathwork sessions. Sessions open up the body to more breath and therefore more energy. More energy and breaking old patterns brings about changes for people in their relationships to partner, family, work, etc.

Breathwork sessions create more conscious connection to feelings, thoughts and experiences in the body. When we open up the emotional and psychological bodies during sessions, we can process content.

The session is always ended with the nose breath.

Breathwork is simple in theory but is far reaching in its benefits and results when the body achieves a fuller breathing pattern.